King Mob, Featuring Glen Matlock, Release “Force 9”

King Mob: Force 9King Mob, a new group featuring ex-Sex Pistol bassist Glen Matlock, has released their debut album, Force 9.

The group is a departure from Matlock’s punk rock background, instead focusing on classic rock and roll and listing their influences as wide ranging as Duke Ellington and Jimmy Page.

The band is filled out by drummer Pretenders drummer Martin Chambers, singer Stephen Parsons, and guitarists Chris Spedding and Sixteen.

King Mob is planning to tour Europe, South America and Japan, but so far has only solidified one date at The Venue in London on November 17, 2011.

King Mob EPK:

Force 9 Track List:

  1. Lover of High Renown
  2. Who’s Chasing Who
  3. Va Vah Voom
  4. Secret Song
  5. American Slaves
  6. Chapel of Love
  7. I Was There
  8. Make That Call
  9. China Waters
  10. Selene Selene
  11. King Mob

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