Bass of the Week: Bas-Extravaganza Fluffy

Bas-Extravaganza Fluffy Bass with Stompbox Prototype

While this bass may conjure images of ZZ Top, the idea for the Bas-Extravaganza Fluffy actually came to proprietor Bas Wittenberg on a trip through IKEA. The luthier saw a rug and immediately decided to put it to use as a “finish.”

“This is a real party bass,” he writes. “Women love it, and men want to shave.”

Measuring at a short 30.5″ scale, the Fluffy features a glued-in maple neck attached to a Dibetou body, all covered with fluff. In fact, the only visible wood is the ebony fretboard.

The bridge and tuners are Gotoh. A Seymour Duncan Basslines MM pickup is installed with a volume knob that has a push/pull toggle for single coil functionality.

Made by hand in the Netherlands, the Fluffy runs €1,200 (approx. $1,623 USD). For more info, visit the Bas-Extravaganza website.

Bas-Extravaganza Fluffy Photo Gallery:

Bas-Extravaganza Fluffy Specs:

  • Construction: Glued-in
  • Neck: Maple
  • Fretboard: Ebony
  • Frets: 24
  • Scale: 30.5”
  • Body: Dibetou
  • Tuners: Gotoh
  • Bridge: Gotoh
  • Pickups: Seymour Duncan Basslines MM
  • Electronics: Volume with Push/Pull for Single Coil

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  1. Abel Martinez

    If bass playing was pimp.

  2. Thomas Risell

    Washing instructions please;-)

  3. Omar Alvarado

    That’s what you call “bass fuzz”.
    boom boom tsss.

  4. I can’t imagine it’s be very playable with a furry neck like that….

  5. dusty hill used that bass and billy gibbons used a matching guitar on “storytellers”.

  6. Not just groovy, but fluffy and comforting!

  7. Looks like a polar bears scrotum.