Question of the Week: What’s on your list for Santa?

SantaThe holidays are coming. Dream big!

Q: If you could have Santa bring you any bass, amp or other musical gear, what would it be?

A: Answer below in the comments.

Ho ho ho.

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  1. Jaymi Millard

    A Pearl Pink or Blue Jaydee Mark King Supernatural Series 1 bass.

  2. A brand new Modulus Q6-not even picky about the color.

  3. Dave Ellefson 5 string Jackson bass, Boogie Titan amp!

  4. …Scott LaFaro’s A.Prescott Bass… & the talent to do it justice…

  5. I want a pedalboard and power supply,

  6. a left handed Ric bass.

  7. Carvin Icon and Icon 5 Basses, and a Mark 6 Rig… Shplort!

  8. Orange AD200B with 2 4×10 cabinets. In Orange tolex of course!

  9. Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is the Keeley Electronics 4 knob Compressor. I’ve been good, I didn’t vaporize ANYBODY this year. : ) your pal, Raider X.

  10. santa should share about God’s Love to all the bass player in all the world.

  11. I’m sure many other people will put this down as well, but I would love a custom Fodera Yin-Yang deluxe. I saw one used at Planet Bass years ago that had the exact options I wanted, but way short on the pocket change to get it.

  12. Sadowsky 4 strings bass Will Lee model, Bergantino AE112-2pc or EBS CL112-2pc and head EBS Reidmar 250. When can I expect it?:))))).

  13. Warwick Vampyre 4 in turquoise oil + d tuner.

  14. Rickenbacker 4001 c64s in satin sealer only finish!

  15. I’d want an 8×10 cab from either Fender or Hatrke, more than likely the latter with Hartke’s Hydrive 8×10 cabs. Besides that a custom ESP F-415 would be nice!

  16. 5 string Ritter or Lefay, 35″ scale, fender standard string spacing at the bridge, a wenge neck/fb, burled chestnut body and whatever unique twist the builder can come up with.

  17. Santa is actually sending me a MarloweDk signature bass with worn red finish, dont get more appropiate for the holiday season;-)

  18. Because I was good this year Santa is sending me a G&L JB-2 with a 3 tone sunburst.

  19. MusicMan Big Al sss- white, tortoise pg, maple fretboard; TC Electronic RH450; and an Overton ob-110.

  20. A band willing to do things seriously >:(

  21. short scale bass then make it fretless.

  22. Maybe a Hipshot Double Stop detuner for the P bass I’m building. Or a good synth pedal. What synth pedal would you guys recommend?

  23. An MTD Norm Stockton bass & a TC Electronic amp would be awesome!

  24. I want a fretless! A Gary Willis signature would be all I’d ever want! ^^

  25. Warwick Thumb 5 sting. NT or BO.

  26. An iPad retina (for iOS music production, of course), and a CS ’51 P.


  28. Dear Santa..
    ‘3’ gimme a Fodera Victor Wonten Yin-Yang bass…

  29. Warwick Thumb 6 fretless.

  30. Rickenbacker 4003, full mesa rig, proco rat and a cheese sandwich.

  31. Santa is bringing an SVT. Would love a Rob Allen Solid-4 and for Geddy Lee to sign my Fender GL Jazz…

  32. I’ll take a Sadowsky P/J Jazz, 59 burst finish, ebony neck. Thanks Santa!

  33. A Barefaced Super 12 Cabinet!

  34. An Eden D212-XLT8 2X12 Bass Speaker Cabinet – 8ohm.I’ve been a pretty good boy this year so c’mon Santa.

  35. New set up for my bass and a Roland Cube 120 watt amp, can’t remember the model, but keep borrowing my friends, and I love it!

  36. Ampeg Svt 810 with ampeg svt cl head and a Fender VI please *__* it would be the best thing in the world for me.

  37. I’d really love the new white version of the Moogerfooger Cluster Flux or… the Pigtronix Mothership.. yes, that’s all I need :D

  38. Source Audio Hot Hand 3 :)

  39. Either a Dingwall Combustion in white or a Darkglass b3k/b7k.

  40. 3/4 upright Shen willow.

  41. It’s a little late to count on Santa, but I may grab myself a set of JB4 Joe Barden Jazz Bass Pickups! At the same time I may stick with my fender custom shop pickups I have in there, I can’t decide!

  42. A SansAmp VT Rackmount pre-amp.

  43. Markbass CMD 103H would be nice this year

  44. World peace and respect for bassists everywhere. Or one of the new Fender Coronado short scale semi hollow bodies. And if Santa was to find a 1960s Fender blonde amp sitting in a basement gathering dust somewhere, he could do everyone a favour by chucking it into the back of the sleigh and dropping it down my chimney on the way home

  45. One of Stanley Clarke’s Piccolo Basses!

  46. A voucher for a complete custom bass?

  47. A G&L JB in cherryburst w/ a rosewood fingerboard, and/or a decent press drill and punch die set for my stompbox & pedalboard builds.

  48. Fender reggie Hamilton jazz bass

  49. A replacement for the god awful Lemon of a custom instrument I had made :(

  50. A T.C Electronics Ditto looper pedal. A great practice tool.

  51. Fender Super Bassman 300

  52. MXR envelope filter, Conkulator modulator, EBS Billy Sheehan pedal.

  53. A Modulus Quantum 5 w/Spalted maple top and a real nice envelope follower.

  54. Aguilar AG500 head, two EBS NeoLine 1×12 cabs, a dbx 160a compressor and most of all a Biarnel Scorcio 6 32″…

  55. Yamaha 2025DX in olympic white finish and a Verellen Meatsmoke amp head ,a custom 8×10 cabinet and infinite custom 1 mm Dunlop Tortex triangle picks

  56. that all bass players get gigs anywhere..please make paid live music relevant ….

  57. Status T-Bass with LED markers (I already am/have a Rickenbacker). Merry Christmas!

  58. Julio

    Fender precision 4 strings 70’s ?

  59. Olivier

    Warwick Thumb NT$$ 5 Strings bass ^_^