Jeff Andrews: Live Bass Solo with the Mike Stern Band

Blast from the past: a great Jeff Andrews bass solo with the Mike Stern Band, also featuring drummer Dave Weckl.

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  1. ?ukasz Fiedorek

    Great Scott!! I like it.

  2. Agreed. I like this kind of bass solo…not all slappy.

  3. Yeah…that’s how it’s done. I’m amazed his fingerboard wasn’t smoking after that!

  4. Mike Stern’s too busy comping ;-) But otherwise: great solo!

  5. man, what a wonderful solo! Love me some Jeff Andrews..

  6. Many, maybe most bass solos should never happen. This one gets it! Jaco would be smiling! Now if someone would just steal Mikes chorus stomp box….so cheezy.

  7. Love the Coltrane quote!

  8. Incredible. His tone is just killing too!

  9. I’m with most here… cool solo. Nice style and tone.

  10. P Bass with J Pickups? Killer solo.