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Bass of the Week: JanAid Guitars’ Bob Abbott Yolanda 5

JanAid Guitars: Bob Abbott Yolanda 5 Bass

Named after a butterfly found in southern Spain, the JanAid Yolanda 5 bass draws inspiration from nature. This week, we check out the latest incarnation of the bass, which is also a signature model for Baltimore-based player Bob Abbott.

The Yolanda 5 was built with a variety of woods, utilizing their “defects” to create a a piece of art. The body’s core is purpleheart and cedar with a curly southern Spanish olive top, while the back is made from big leaf maple. The neck is African elondo and purpleheart. The headstock is Spanish cherry with a southern Spanish Olive top.

Besides the beautiful color stains used to bring out the figures from the woods, this bass is the first of JanAid’s to feature glass accents. The glasses adorning the headstock and knobs were created specially for the instrument by Spanish glass artisans Taller De Vidriomundo.

In staying true to the nature theme, lady bug and frog inlays are featured on the pickups and preamp cover on the back. The inlays are covered with LightAid, the company’s natural glow-in-the-dark base.

The electronics on the bass include a pair of SoundAid Hybrid model pickups made by JanAid and a CombiEq3 18 volts preamp, which offers treble, bass, and mid controls as well as high and low pass filters.

JanAid creates each bass custom and by hand, so pricing varies. The Yolanda 5 has a base price of €2900, which is approximately $3,884 USD. For more info, visit the JanAid website.

JanAid Guitars’ Bob Abbott Yolanda 5 Photo Gallery:

JanAid Guitars’ Bob Abbott Yolanda 5 Specs:

  • Top: Curly Southern Spanish Olive
  • Core: PurpleHeart and Cedar
  • Back: Big Leaf Maple
  • Central Block: Curly South spanish Olive
  • Neck: African Elondo and PurpleHeart
  • Headstock: Spanish Cherry
  • Headstock Top: Curly Olive
  • Fingerboard: Curly and spalted Olive
  • Nut: PurpleHeart (5.7mm)
  • Glass parts on Headstock by Taller de Vidriomundo
  • Wooden knobs, glass parts by Taller de Vidriomundo
  • Scale: 34.2”
  • Bridge: Aluminium
  • String Spacing: 18mm at bridge
  • Wilkinson tuners
  • 0.7mm action in C string
  • 1.2mm action in C string
  • 0.8mm relief on fret 12
  • Pickups: 2 SoundAid professional series Pickups Hybrid model by JanAid Guitars
  • Preamp: CombiEq3 preamp 18 volts
  • Finish: Nitro laquer finish, with LightAid on the entire body
  • Frog inlay on preamp cover with LightAid
  • 2 ladybug inlays on pickups covers with LightAid