Steve Lawson Releases New Live, Improvised Solo Bass Album

Steve Lawson: Believe in PeaceSteve Lawson has released Believe in Peace, a four song album taken from his performance at the I Ching Arts Exhibit in Minneapolis. The exhibit featured the work of Geoff Bush, which moved Lawson so much that he decided to break from his normal gig routine with his wife and play an additional improv solo set.

“Intending to play a ‘normal’ Steve and [Lobelia] house concert-type set, I found on first seeing Geoff’s art that I was moved to want to react to it musically in some way. His art is all based on the I Ching – the ancient Chinese book of wisdom, used by some for divination, but by others just as a source of deep inspiration. Geoff’s work featured the various hexagram symbols heavily, contextualising them in mixed media works. My favourite was a granite carved cube, with one of four hexagrams on each vertical face. These are where the four track titles come from.”

The album is available for download with the price set by the purchaser. Lawson will be donating a third of the profits from each album sold to the human rights charity Reprieve.

“I’d love to be able to make a donation of at least £3 per album sold – if you set your price higher, I can give more,” the bassist notes.

Lawson, known for his new school approach to bass, performed the set on his Modulus 6-string fretless bass through a Lexicon MPX-G2, Korg Kaoss Pad KP3 and MOTU Ultralite Mk III.

Preview and download Believe in Peace:

Believe in Peace Track List:

  1. The Creative (Ch’ien)
  2. Biting Through (Shih Ho)
  3. Grace (Pi)
  4. Inner Truth (Chung Fu)

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