Alberto Rigoni: Tetris Theme for Bass

Here’s a cool video of Alberto Rigoni bringing back old school gaming memories with a three-bass layered arrangement of the Tetris theme.

For authenticity, he used a bitcrusher effect on the lead line for that classic game soundtrack vibe. Also, check out that fretless tone!

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  1. Scott T Quinn

    not sure which is more impressive, the playing, or the array of seriously tasty looking basses :p

  2. Aaron Gibson

    Great stuff as usual Alberto!

  3. How about some posts about The Master, Victor Wooten?

    • Don’t get me wrong, I love Wooten, but I doubt there’s any subscribers who don’t know who he is, but I didn’t know this guy exists. So do we need any more posts about Wooten?

  4. For first – This is a Russian Folk songs ” Ah Polnim -Polna Korobushka”.

  5. Always a pleasure to listen to Rigoni. Auguri, amico!