Samuel Haynes: “Rapture” Solo Bass Tap Performance

Our Facebook friend Charles Hoernemann shared this video with us, with a word one comment: “Awesome!”

This is bassist Samuel Haynes, who wrote this tune named “Rapture”, for solo bass and programmed drum accompaniment. Samuel’s bass is strung with piccolo strings.

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  1. Nice! But can he play the blues? LOL!

  2. I love how he doesn’t even use his pinky finger.

  3. I’m always impressed with the current generation of young players. May they find employment as musicians.
    So many do not!

  4. Samuel, that was extremely impressive. Your use of passing tones and articulation was superb. I have never tried piccolo tunings, but I am going to now. Thank you for posting this incredible video.

  5. Pretty stuff that would make for a nice house remix I think.

  6. Not bad but there was too much delay.