Alex Bershadsky: Groove Move

Here’s an intense jam by bassist Alex Bershadsky, whose incredible groove is matched equally by his impressive technique. The clip features Gal Gershovsky on drums.

When you groove it, you gotta move it!

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  1. Very good technical playing but not really much groove going on.

    • you are not listening to the same groove I’m listening to I guess.

    • Ben Kohavi That’s because there’s not really a groove going on.

    • Mario Anthony Sabga That’s the beautiful thing about art, we each see/listen to it differently.
      I just don’t like going around throwing negative vibe, just not me, but that’s only me.
      You don’t like it and you got nothing important to say, move along – as you may see other listeners have found it quite groovy and enjoyable – plenty more music around the web these days you might find to your liking. Enjoy music, cheers – Ben.

    • Ben Kohavi Nothing important to say , if you can read i said Very good technical playing, which it is, but as far as groove is concerned there’s not much there.As you can see a few people liked my comment so i’m not alone, this type of playing is many things but groove bass playing it certainly isn’t.

    • Ben Kohavi Right on. Although not the kind of playing or music I enjoy, I was blown away by Alex’s sense of time and groove, and it was a great match for the drummer (which of course is what we all aim for, right?). I watches his hands and thought, “Wow, I could really learn something by studying this.” Maybe I’d never use it, but it would probably make me a better player if I could manage 1/2 of what Alex accomplished in this piece. Inspiring! Just saying, let’s not hate on fellow bass players. Dig it or not, no reason to throw negativity around.

    • I’m actually going to side with Mario on this one. Take that drum track out and there isn’t going to be any solid groove to make me move. Even 16th triplets from the double thumbing? Absolutely. Exactly in time? Absolutely. Heavy groove? Nope. Obviously this guy is amazing technically, and, almost certainly capable of laying down a better groove than I could dream of. But this clip isn’t it.

    • I will say that he does groove in the “B” section at 0:58.

    • Absolutly! This piece is really grooving at this moment. But anyways, this is a demonstration and it has reached its goal. Furthermore, isn’t music all about being tense for a while and then laxer? Here’s a perfect exemple of this, for me :)

  2. this is the kind of playing that made me love bass.

  3. There was definetly a hot groove going on here. Sit back. Feel it first.

  4. You cannot have a groove without a pocket. Can you dance to it? I think not.

  5. Lolol people just hate on anything they can’t play.

  6. Groove IS there, but the virtuoso playing is pretty prominent. IMO

  7. In this conversation it appears that one mans groove is anther mans solo. In my view the drummer( or drum machine) is groovin’,, the bass player is soloing. Great playing on the part of both.

  8. Awesome, simply awesome. and yes def a groove!

  9. There are many definition of groove. Find one you like and enjoy.