Armin Metz: “Sanskar Valley” Solo Bass Performance

Facebook friend Luke Morris shared this video of bassist Armin Metz performing the tune “Sanskar Valley” on his Neuser bass.

Armin is the bassist for Imogen Heap. Armin said “There is rarely footage with Imogen where?you see me playing, but you can hear me in most of the ones [from] 2010.”

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  1. Beautiful! I bought Far & Near from the Nadishana Trio almost for the sole reason of Metz’s bass work providing richness to Nadishana’s eclectic instrumentation and Shehan’s textural percussion.

  2. Awesome piece! I guess when you play and compose this beautifully, you can wear any kind of pants you want :)

  3. Awesome piece :) must be some pretty bloody low action on that bass!

  4. that was fuckin insane.

  5. Took the bass to a whole new place.