Evan Brewer: Jimi Hendrix Bass Medley

Jimi Hendrix’s virtuosic playing inspired millions of musicians, not just guitarists.

Evan Brewer sent us this great medley of Hendrix tunes arranged for solo bass with his own twist.

Evan starts with a filter-laden “Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)” before kicking into a riff from “Hey Joe”, then into a nice tapping version of “Little Wing” and wrapping up with “Fire”.

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  1. I love his 16th note triplets, so tight.

  2. Evan is a MONSTER! Great player, great guy!

  3. Hey Joe….Hey Evan!

  4. Things I wish I could do.

  5. Wow this is just amazing. Words can’t describe how blown away I am from this…

  6. The whole thing is amazing, but I especially dug “Little Wing”. Evan – you should do that one in full some time! (Let us know and we’ll post it).

  7. Little Wing is especially beautiful, great imagination!