Aaron Gibson: “I Will Take You Home” (All-Bass Grateful Dead Cover)

Aaron Gibson shared this touching video of his solo bass arrangement of the Grateful Dead’s “I Will Take You Home.”

Aaron said, “For Daughters and Dads and in memory of Brent Mydland”.

Mydland, of course, was the Dead’s keyboardist until his death in 1990. He cowrote this song with John Perry Barlow as a lullaby for his two daughters.

Gibson not only turns in a great arrangement, we also love the creativity of the video work. Well done Aaron!

(This one is for you, Sara and Kayla.)

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  1. Aaron, this is so wonderfully done and so touching – thank you for sharing!

  2. Thank you so much for posting this Corey!

  3. So good, I had to watch it a few times!

  4. I love this so much I can listen to it over and over…and have.

  5. Good job, Aaron. Please inspire us some more. =)

  6. Great job, man! It’s great being a Dad isn’t it? Blessing!

  7. I wish I saw this before fathers day. But nonetheless I must share this ! Thanks for yet another great interpretation and arrangement . Keep it up !