Damian Erskine, Federico Malaman and Dane Alderson NAMM Jam

Once again, we have proof that all you really need is bass. (Well, maybe with a little help from Andrew Fisenden, who is doing some nifty percussion work.)

Here’s Damian Erskine, Federico Malaman and Dane Alderson performing at the TecAmp booth at NAMM last month.

As we like to say, “the only thing better than one bass is three…” (or however many are performing together at once).

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  1. The guy doing the nifty percussion work is a drummer called Andrew Fisenden. You can see him playing a full kit in that ThumpR video in the No Treble archives. Both he and Dane are from my hometown of Perth, Western Australia. Incredible musicians. Really cool to see them jamming with Damian and Federico.

  2. who’s who? I know Damian is the guy in the middle… but who’s the guy on the right? He’s turnin’ and burnin’.

  3. ohh it must be Dane Alderson, I see a link with Federico.

  4. Cool, everyone got a turn and was able to do their own thing!

  5. Pretty cool….love Damian’s playing, and these other cats are kickin’ it.