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Federico Malaman Archives

Bass Videos

Federico Malaman: Don’t Worry

Federico Malaman has a new bass cover video out. This time around, he’s taking on Madcon’s “Don’t Worry”.

Bass Videos

Federico Malaman: Erratic

Federico Malaman put together a fantastic lineup for this video for “Erratic”. This one grooves.

Bass Videos

Federico Malaman and Joe Dart: Dean Town (Live)

Until now, we’ve only seen a fan-shot video of this master class performance at the 2018 Sligo Jazz. Federico Malaman shared this version of his performance of the Vulfpeck hit “Dean Town”, with Joe Dart.

Bass Videos

Federico Malaman and Áron Hodek: Killer Kid Funk

Prepare for instant stank face, as No Treble favorite Federico Malaman and shining star Áron Hodek give us some “Killer Kid Funk.” Joined with Áron’s brother David on drums, this trio is super funky!


Federico Malaman Releases “Malalicks”

Federico Malaman has just released a new instructional book called “Malalicks”, which is a collection of ten licks to improve your soloing skills.

Bass Videos

Federico Malaman and Gev Delano: Mala-Gev-Jam

We featured a video of 10-year-old bassist Gev Delano last week, and we were all blown away. Turns out, we’re not the only ones. Federico Malaman wrote a tune that he wanted to record with the young bassist. Here’s the video for “Mala-Gev-Jam”.

Bass Videos

Malajams: What?!?

In this video, bassist Federico Malaman teams up virtually with pianist Claudio Filippini and 18-year-old drum prodigy Greyson Nekrutman. The group performs Federico’s original tune, “What?!?”

Bass Videos

Federico Malaman: Resposta

Federico Malaman always knocks us out with his videos. In this clip, he doubles up to perform a stunning cover of the Ney Conceição tune “Resposta.”

Bass Videos

Hadrien Feraud, Federico Malaman, Dario Chiazzolino, and Kalyan Pathak: NAMM Performance

Here’s something I missed at this year’s NAMM Show, but thankfully someone recorded it. Hadrien Feraud, Federico Malaman, Dario Chiazzolino, and Kalyan Pathak took the stage to perform this great version of Roy Hargrove’s “Strasbourg / St. Denis.”

Bass Videos

Marcus Miller, Jason Leopold and Federico Malaman: “What’s Going On” Jam

The NAMM Show kicked off the right way with Marcus Miller’s “Bass to Bass Marcus” event last night. Here’s a clip of Marcus, Jason Leopold, and Federico Malaman on an all-bass version of “What’s Going On.”

Bass Videos

Federico Malaman: Shout Gouche

It is always great to see a new video from our friend, Federico Malaman. And this one is a special treat, with Federico taking on a tune by the great Andrew Gouche. “I love to play this great song!” Federico shares.

New Albums

Federico Malaman Releases New Solo Album

Italian bass guru Federico Malaman has released a new solo album, entitled Life. The recording, which marks 14 years since his first solo effort, is a snapshot of the bassist’s life. “The full album title should actually be ‘Life is not in 4/4’”, he states. “4/4 is the simplest, straightforward meter. Real life is not like that: there are ups...