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Bernd Keul: Bass FX – An Awesome Solo Bass Performance

We live in amazing times. Take a beautiful old school Fender Jazz and mix it with some new gadgets, and you have yourself a one man band.

That’s what bassist Bernd Keul has done with this video he calls “Bass FX”. Bernd sent us this video and shares these details on how it all works:

  • iPod Touch with Touch OSC
  • Local WIFI network with a Macbook Pro and OSCulator
  • Midi output to Mainstage 2.1 and Döepfer MTV 16 (16 x Mid to CV)
  • 11 CV Inputs to a modded Electro Harmonix HOG
  • With feet: a modded Morley Wah and a Boss Slicer (synced with a Boss DR880)

Pretty amazing stuff.