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L’il Brats Bass Method

L'il Brats Bass MethodBassist and private instructor Brian Emmel has been teaching bass for over 20 years. As he set out to teach young kids how to play the bass, he realized there was nothing on the market that suited them. So he decided to write L’il Brats Bass Method, a method book designed for kids 9 years and up.

“In the last few years more young bass enthusiasts, as young as 9 years old, have come to me for bass guitar lessons. They all said they can hear bass guitar parts from Guitar Hero or their favorite CDs and wanted to learn those classic rock songs,” Emmel said. “Trying to find a bass method book that would hold and keep these youngsters attention and interest I found none. As a private instructor and author for over 21 years I set out to write a fun book for young players which you now hold in your hands.”

L’il Brats Bass Method is a book/CD combo, featuring 40 rock tracks – 20 of the tracks including the bass part and 20 without, for playing along. Emmel covers reading (both standard notation and tab), and includes guitar chords so his bass students can jam with their guitarist friends.

Emmel is a graduate of the Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, California, where he studied music theory, music business and performance. His previous bass method book, 5-String Bass Method, was released in 1991.

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