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Phil Lesh & Friends to Reunite for Terrapin Crossroads Event

Phil Lesh & FriendsPhil Lesh has announced that he’s bringing back together his Phil & Friends band for four nights, to perform at the bassist’s new Terrapin Crossroads venue this month.

The band, known as the Quintet (or “Q” to many), is comprised of the “longest-tenured Phil & Friends band”, including Lesh, Warren Haynes, Jimmy Herring, John Molo and Rob Barraco. This will be the group’s first performance since 2003.

The four-night event kicks off on April 26th and ends on the 29th.

As we reported in January, Terrapin Crossroads is a restaurant and performance venue in San Rafael, California. Lesh originally thought of launching TC elsewhere, but ultimately selected San Rafael because that’s where the Grateful Dead kept their management headquarters.

Lesh posted a note on the new Terrapin Crossroads website, describing the venue and thanking those who contributed to it:

Jill and I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the success of our opening shows- musicians, crew, TC staff, and especially the community, who have responded so enthusiastically. Now that these first shows are under our belts, so to speak, we’d also like to announce some of our plans for the future. As you will see below, we intend to offer many different strata of musical performance, including PLF, Rambles, the Fellowship (Lesh family band), Telstar (electronica/free improv), Terrapin All-Stars (local musicians), and many more (jazz and wine-tasting, brunch with gospel music, chamber music, etc.). We are also planning to present free music in the bar with smaller ensembles (duos, trios) on off nights.

We plan to celebrate the arts – music, culinary, poetry, dance, literature, visual arts including photography, theatre, and other creative endeavors – so aside from a performance space and restaurant, Terrapin Crossroads will also host art exhibits, have art-and-music-themed books in our Living Room, memorabilia displays, and provide a beautiful, comfortable place where people can meet friends to exchange ideas over a glass of wine or a drink, a terrific meal, and of course hear some great music. We’ll also be a place for teaching and learning: in addition to regular musical performances, we will offer curated conversations with celebrated visionaries, luminaries, characters, and eccentrics, discussing topics ranging from cosmology to history to environmental issues to building team spirit and beyond.

In the future, we will be opening Terrapin Crossroads up for weddings, birthdays and other family celebrations.

We look forward to hosting the community, getting to know you, and building stronger bonds between all of us.

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