Esperanza Spalding: “Crowned & Kissed”, Live on the Daily Show

Esperanza Spalding made a stop on the Daily Show recently, and closed out the show with “Crowned & Kissed”, one of the tracks on the bassist’s new album, Radio Music Society.

We’ve been fans for Jon Stewart for some time, but we had no idea he was an air bassist. We love how Esperanza breaks down how holding the bass relates to genres of music. Who knew Jon was a fusion air bassist?! We’ll count him as a member no matter what style, and maybe send him a t-shirt.

Also cool, Esperanza says she’s accepting new members into Radio Music Society. I wonder if she’d allow more bassists?

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  1. Ohhh…not available in the uk – uggh.

  2. Not available Q_Q.

  3. what a monumental CD! also for jazz in general, eh?

  4. but wherés the drummer of her second album? :0 personally think that one has a greater level :)