Bass of the Week: Skjold Design Guitars’ Skjoldslayer

This week we take a look at the Skjoldslayer by Skjold Design Guitars, which luthier Pete Skjold came up with the design as a take on one of his singlecut models.

Skjoldslayer Bass

“The Skjoldslayer came about after the Damian Erskine Whaleback,” Skjold explains. “I basically made a doublecut version and that was the inspiration for it. It has become one of my more requested body styles, too. The lower horn offer great access to the higher range but also allows you to sit with the bass in the playing position.”

As the company offers custom basses, many options are available. Standard options include a two-piece premium tone wood body, a three-piece maple neck with a dual action truss rod, and a premium maple or mardo fingerboard. Fretted models also come with zero fret.

Other standard features include passive electronics, custom Skjold/Hipshot hardware, and Skjold custom pickups in your choice of configuration.

Base pricing for the Skjold Design Skjoldslayer starts at $2,880. For more options and info, check out the Skjold Design website.

Skjold Design Guitars’ Skjoldslayer Photo Gallery:

Skjold Design Standard Bass Specs:

  • 2-piece premium tone wood body in customer’s choice of body shape in solid color or natural satin finish
  • 3-piece maple neck with dual action truss rod
  • Premium maple or morado fingerboard with zero fret on fretted models
  • Fingerboard comes standard with position markers on the side
  • Passive electronics featuring Bournes components
  • Custom Skjold/Hipshot hardware in black finish
  • Dunlop strap pins
  • Premium Skjold string in either nickel/stainless hybrid or stainless steel
  • Skjold Custom Pickups in customer’s choice of configuration
  • Standard black or silver logo
  • Electro-socket jack
  • High quality gig-case included

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  1. Wow, what a beauty!

  2. That’s my bass :)

  3. I own a Skjold. First time in my life I can walk thru a music store and not wish I had something else. I will never need another bass.

  4. Pete’s basses are some of the finest custom basses available…nough said!