Bass of the Week: Skjold Design Guitars Skjoldslayer 4/34

Skjold Design Guitars Skjoldslayer 4-34 Bass Body 2

I’ve been lucky to see quite a few Skjold Design Basses in my day, but the Skjoldslayer model is one that always grabs my attention. That’s why when someone emailed us luthier Pete Skjold’s latest creation, I was hooked.

This Skjoldslayer 4/34 features a burl maple top in a killer black out stain finish. The swamp ash body is complemented with an ash neck topped by a figured maple fingerboard. Skjold fits the bass with his Skjold Tone Audio split coil pickups and preamp. Finally, the bass is held together with Skjold/Hipshot hardware.

Skjold Design Guitars Skjoldslayer 4/34 Bass Specs:

Body:Swamp Ash
Top:Burl Maple
Fingerboard:Figured Maple
Pickups:Skjold Tone Audio Split Coil
Preamp:Skjold Tone Audio
Finish:Black Out Stain

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  1. Greywoulf

    I like the shape of that… I think I would want simpler electronics myself, but the shape of that bass’s body is very attractive, and it looks like it would be very easy with handling too..!

  2. Bob Schwartz

    When I played bass over 50 years ago, works of art like these were unimaginable. The thought of these magnificent instruments just did not exist. I am so glad to be able to just see photographic images of these stunning beauties.