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Simon Little Releases Third Solo Album, [un]plugged

Simon Little: [un]pluggedSolo bassist Simon Little has released his third album, [un]plugged. Taking a step in a new direction, Little recorded the album on an acoustic bass guitar.

“The entire album features my new Breedlove acoustic bass with minimal effects from my Line 6 Pod X3 Pro and Lexicon MPX G2,” the bassist explains. “Each track is a live solo improvisation using the Looperlative LP1.”

The sound of the acoustic bass coupled with thoughtful loops and medium tempos make this a really great, ambient and introspective feel.

Little has the album available on Bandcamp, for the suggested price of around $8. You can listen to the album in its entirety below.

Play and download [un]plugged:

[un]plugged Track List:

  1. frostbite
  2. into the out
  3. lie down & be counted
  4. repetition is a form of change
  5. sigismund
  6. kalimba
  7. breathe
  8. the avant gardener
  9. midas’ barber