Simon Little Releases “The Knowledge of Things To Come”

Simon Little: The Knowledge of Things To ComeSimon Little has released his second full-length solo bass album, The Knowledge of Things To Come, which the bassist describes as his “continuation of [his] experimentation with live looping technology and ambient music.” All of the songs are live improvisations that Little made using a Looperlative LP1, a Line 6 Pod X3 Pro, and his Warwick Thumb VI.

Along with the LP, Little put out a “name-your-price” EP called Rejectamenta.

“Having spent the beginning of year working towards a new solo album, these are the tracks that didn’t quite fit on the record,” Little explains. “Each of these tracks offered something new to the music and hint at new directions for me. I felt they warranted a release in their own right.”

Preview and download The Knowledge of Things To Come:

The Knowledge of Things To Come Track List:

  1. The Music Of Chance
  2. Babel Fish
  3. Go Quietly Now…
  4. Some Mysterious Song
  5. No Strings Attached
  6. Harlequin Valentine
  7. The Band Sounds Like Typewriters
  8. Baliset
  9. L for Leather
  10. The Knowledge of Things to Come

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