Fender Jazz Bass: The Movie

G.A.S. alert!

Davey4557’s Leo Fender and the History of the Electric Bass video is one of the most watched videos in No Treble history.

Davey followed up with this, what he dubs “Fender Jazz Bass: The Movie”. He breaks down the features and history of the famed Leo Fender creation. Try not to drool… it isn’t good for your computer.

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  2. Jaco played slap? When did this happen? Totally missed that.

  3. What a movie! please make in 3D! and he started out with my bass… excellent

  4. He just m knight shalamond me.

  5. I would have loved to have “aircraft radio” coming through my Jazz :)

  6. I can’t stand this guy. I’ve seen a few of his videos and in almost every one, he comes off as a pompous ass. Look up his views on a Rickenbacker. Apparently a neck through instrument is a “bad design” because the neck can’t be shimmed.

  7. the bullet CAN be stripped. I bought a ’76 neck that had a stripped bullet. cut a slot into the top, screwed it out with a screwdriver, and replaced it with a new one. it is better than any option fender has given, but the best truss rod adjustment is found on musicman basses. so easy. why fender hasn’t picked up on this, I don’t know.

  8. also, I’m pretty sure jaco removed his pickguard to accomodate the fact that he had to lower the action due to his bass being fretless. he probably lowered the pickup as well. if the pickguard was still there, it would be harder to place his thumb on the neck pickup, as their would be less room.

  9. Nice try, but unfortunately this movie does not cover many of the real “Jazz Bass secrets”.

    E.g., not any remark about:

    – body made of ash or alder.
    – 60/70s position of the bridge PU.
    – change in the design of the pickups.
    – the tilt neck introduction in 74/75 and the reasons to go back to 4-point (“it´s all about the money” hahaha!)
    – the different machine heads used during 60s and 70s.
    – the different pickguards and colors.
    – the actual Fender Jazz series (American Deluxe, American Vintage, American Standard, Custom Shop).

    etc. Not to mention that this nice guy is telling some bullshit once in a while (e.g. “Jaco slapped”).

    Honestly dissapointing, at least for me.

  10. Jazz Bass: The Movie convinced me to buy a G&L JB-2. Thanks Dave. Love that Bass!

  11. Okay, here’s the question that’s going to spark a column by somebody. “What was THE bass you bought that marked your entrance into the land of REAL bass players for you? That one bass that made you feel like you was God all by yourself the minute you picked it up and you knew it was yours?”

  12. Okay, now that I asked the question EVERYONE can answer, I’ll give you mine. It was a Fender Precision. Sunburst. Maple neck. At the same time, ownership of that bass contained a double-edged sword. The challenge. How would I live up to the reputation that bass had? How do I become James Jamerson and all the rest who had turned Leo Fender’s vision into reality? One word. Practice. Then came the Jazz. It was years and years before I actually owned one. What did I choose? The Marcus Miller Signature Jazz. Talk about pressure and a mother of a challenge. First, I hadda live up to the rep the Jazz had and then? How do I make it sound like Marcus Miller was playing it? Hmmmm…. This was about the time the theme from Mission Impossible was playing in my head. But then, that word came back. Practice. Alot. Today, both bassses sit on their stands and still each one issues it’s daily challenge.

  13. He does make some claims that appear contrary to conventional wisdom I’ve heard over the years, such as extolling the virtues of ’70s (’72-’80) bullet truss rod adjustment with the 3-bolt tilt neck. I’ve heard this was a low point in CBS’ Jazz Bass production period.

  14. Poorly researched, ill-prepared, inaccurate and delivered in a pompous and boring manner by someone who thinks they know what they are talking about. Unfortunately we can’t keep this rubbish off the Internet. But surely we should be able to keep it off No Treble!

  15. haters will all be “gooched” accordingly. If you hated Jazz Bass The Movie, then you’ll REALLY hate this! >>>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4ODN1c_6ik