Big Advice with Juan Nelson: On Tha One

When I grow up, I want to play bass like Juan Nelson.

He doesn’t have to play a lot notes. He just knows which ones to play.

Here’s Juan backing up Big Advice, live on the Sunset Strip. I’ll say it again: Juan is the man.

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  1. Less is more. It’s not the caliber, it’s placement. Overstating won’t get others to listen anymore attentively; after a while it becomes gibberish and no one will ever hear the point your making. This is a mature communicator on his instrument; He has nothing to prove to anyone, his loyalty is to the piece.

  2. Yes, support the song. Sometime that also means playing more tones than expected.

  3. Respect the melody and choose the right notes. That’s why Pino Palladino has a large body of work.

  4. Some Funk in the House!

  5. POCKET! From the entire band!

  6. I agree less is more!! And, I saw my friend Wayne Bergeron on trumpet!

  7. There’s nothing like the big full sound of an r&b band. Hope it all comes back one day.