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Roger Waters Announces Final and Largest Production of “The Wall”

Roger Waters

Roger Water’s tour of The Wall will be coming to a gigantic finale on July 21st in Quebec City, Quebec. Held at the Fields of Abraham, the recently added concert will be the last tour stop of the current North American trek, but will differ from the rest in that the production will feature a set twice as large as previous concerts. At over 800 feet wide, it will be the large incarnation of The Wall ever done.

“We’re going to do the ‘The Wall’ show, but it’s going to be completely unlike any of ‘The Wall’ shows we’ve done in the world during this tour,” Waters said. “It’s always something I’ve wanted to do outdoors theatrically.”

Waters revived the production of the 1979 Pink Floyd album in 2010 and has said this will be the final tour of the show.