Jan-Olof Strandberg Releases “Made in Finland” with Michael Manring

Jan-Olof Strandberg: Made in FinlandFinnish bassist Jan-Olof Strandberg has released his seventh album as a leader entitled Made In Finland. The new effort also includes contributions from fellow bass heavyweight Michael Manring, along with keyboardist Kimmo Tapanainen, saxophonist Risto Salmi, drummer Kimmo Pörsti and guitarists Matias Kupiainen and Petteri Hirvanen.

Included in the package is an hour long DVD with live studio performances by the group as well as interviews with Strandberg and bassist Paul Jackson, who regularly teams up with Strandberg. Jackson was featured on last year’s At the Seasound.

Made in Finland is available in digital formats, including iTunes and Amazon MP3.

Preview and download Made in Finland:

Made in Finland Track List:

  1. Crossover (feat. Michael Manring & Matias Kupiainen)
  2. Yes, This Is It! (feat. Matias Kupiainen)
  3. It’s a Journey (feat. Michael Manring)
  4. Past and Present
  5. T.M and T.M
  6. Traveller’s Tales (feat. Michael Manring)
  7. Two Sisters (feat. Michael Manring & Matias Kupiainen)
  8. The Magician’s Departure
  9. The Truth (feat. Michael Manring)

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