Slipknot Announces Best Of Album and Knotfest in Honor of Paul Gray

Slipknot: Antennas to HellSlipknot has announced their first release since bassist Paul Gray’s untimely death. Antennas To Hell will be a best-of compilation with songs spanning their career from their 1999 self-titled debut to 2008’s All Hope is Gone, as well as a bonus CD of their performance at the Download Festival in 2009.

Tickets are on sale for Knotfest, the band’s first metal festival of their own. Set for August 17th and 18th, 2012 in Council Bluffs, Iowa and Minneapolis, Minnesota respectively, the lineup will include metal’s top names, including Deftones, Lamb of God, Dethklok, Cannibal Corpse, Prong and more. The shows, as well as Slipknot’s other performances during Mayhem Festival, are all dedicated to Gray’s memory.

Describing it as “the end of the beginning,” a statement on Slipknot’s website explains that the band isn’t going anywhere.

“We as a band have never decided to go away,” says member Shawn “Clown” Crahan. “We’ve never even talked about it; it’s not even a question. The only question was how long it was going to take each individual member to accept what’s happened and feel comfortable with moving on in the record area. Paul was the major part of writing records. It’s not only my brother that I’m not seeing, but it’s also what he brought to the table.”

Antennas To Hell Track List:

  1. (sic)
  2. Eyeless
  3. Wait And Bleed
  4. Spit It Out
  5. Surfacing
  6. People = Shit
  7. Disasterpiece
  8. Left Behind
  9. My Plague (New Abuse Mix)
  10. The Heretic Anthem (live)
  11. Purity (live)
  12. Pulse Of The Maggots
  13. Duality
  14. Before I Forget
  15. Vermilion
  16. Sulfur
  17. Psychosocial
  18. Dead Memories
  19. Snuff

Bonus CD: (sic)nesses: Live At The Download Festival, 2009

  1. (sic)
  2. Eyeless
  3. Wait And Bleed
  4. Get This
  5. Before I Forget
  6. Sulfur
  7. The Blister Exists
  8. Dead Memories
  9. Left Behind
  10. Disasterpiece
  11. Vermilion
  12. Everything Ends
  13. Psychosocial
  14. Duality
  15. People = Shit
  16. Surfacing
  17. Spit It Out

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