AC Guitars Introduces Skelf R Type Bass and ACG EQ03 Preamp

AC Guitars has done it again with the Skelf R Type, a new model designed to be used with a fanned fret board with the scale running from 36? to 33?. Built by luthier Alan Cringean, the custom basses are available in a variety of exotic and domestic woods.

AC Guitars Skelf R Type Bass

The bass also includes the new exclusive ACG EQ03 dual filter pre-amp, made in conjunction with John East of East Tone UK. The new preamp builds upon ACG’s flagship EQ03 but updates it with 41 detents on the filter stacks’ lower rings, push/pull switches for both lowpass filters, a low-mid boost, and more overall output gain. A five-knob version of the EQ03 adds a knob that doubles as an active/passive operation switch and passive tone knob.

The AC Guitars Skelf R Type is available for order now. Prices are quoted on an individual basis. For more details on the bass and the ACG EQ03 preamp, check out the AC Guitars website.

AC Guitars Skelf R Type Bass Specs:

  • Fan Fretboard
  • Multi-scale: 36? to 33?
  • Body: Choice of woods
  • Neck: Choice of woods
  • Fretboard: Choice of woods
  • Pickups: ACG
  • Electronics: ACG EQ03
  • Hardware: Hipshot

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  2. Absolutely awesome work! ACG Guitars do it again!