Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay: Bass & Vocal Arrangement

There’s tap, there’s solo bass arrangements, and then there’s this.

Bassist Wes Sperry arranged Otis Redding’s classic “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay” for bass and vocals fitting to the original. He even has the whistling part in there!

It isn’t how many notes you can play. It is just finding the right ones.

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  1. Good job man…congratulations ;).

  2. Hahaha… His version kinda sneaks up on you. After first you’re not sure if it works, then you find yourself tapping your foot and nodding your head. Good job!

  3. “It isn’t how many notes you can play. It is just finding the right ones.” And he sure does.

  4. I have to be honest. This really surprised me. I just discovered that my video was mention here on ” No Treble.” This was about 2007 and I was just learning how to tap. I got the idea from tapping the steering wheel when that song came on the radio. Thank you Corey Brown for the shout out and a big thank you for all the kind words!

  5. Wes has done an awesome job again. For those who do not know it, he is the bass player for a central Illinois group named The Feudin’ Hillbillys.” If you ever get a chance to hear them they’ll knock your socks off with country classics as well as original songs. Proud to call him my nephew.

  6. Andy

    Great voice and spectacular whistler. I dig the bass arrangement too.
    This is what it’s about.