Adam Ben Ezra: Can’t Stop Running

Our Facebook friend Guy Dayan shared this video with us, and we are happy to pay it forward (we’re huge Adam Ben Ezra fans here.)

This is Adam’s latest video, featuring his original composition, “Can’t Stop Running”.

Adam says, “One take, no loops or layers.” Amazing.

The track is available for purchase via Adam’s BandCamp page:

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  1. I can’t pick my jaw up from the floor. stunning!

  2. Hound dog doesn’t seem too impressed, but I am!

  3. BRAVO! Flamenco on the upright. These guys are so talented it’s down right discouraging.

  4. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a right hand so busy!

  5. Love the “air” in that room. Awesome stuff!

  6. That’s some amazing technique and a catchy ditty to boot.

  7. I love how the dog is so unaffected.

  8. David

    Good G-d… Ok I’m now frustrated.

  9. bvdon

    Easy listening… great stuff.