Victor Wooten: “Isn’t She Lovely”, Live Solo Bass Performance

In April, Victor Wooten held a music clinic at a music school in Mechanicsville, Virginia. One of the songs he performed was his solo bass take on Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely”.

The folks who shared this video said that this was recorded “at 8am on a Sunday morning, and during a torrential downpour. Victor showed up, picked up the bass, and absolutely shredded for about 30 minutes straight. Then he answered some questions from the crowd, and was just a great guy all around.”

That’s Victor. Amazing person, amazing bassist.

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  1. Those little kids have no idea how amazing what they are seeing is -___-

    • You are soooo right on! Last year I showed some of my students a clip Esperanza Spalding – the only kids who seemed to have a clue as to what they were watching AND showed a little appreciation were the ones that were in the band. Uggh!

    • Actually, they do have an idea how amazing it is. @[844183269:2048:Matt Koon] wouldn’t have it any other way.

  2. What a pleasure to hear!

  3. That was kick a**!

  4. Simply fantastic!

  5. I died and went to bassguitar heaven, and there was God playing his bass….

  6. He’s a class act! The vibe he gives off is so great!

  7. wasn’t that lovely…. that was sure wonderful… inspiring everytime I see him! Thank you once again Victor, for reminding me why I play the bass!

  8. This is a great post. It was sent to me by my friend Mick Houser who is a great bass player. I also read about Victor Wooten through the Soul Patrol newsletter via Bob Davis and sought out this amazing bassist. I hope to catch him live soon! These were some lucky folks watching right there!

  9. I try to play solos like this all the time…try..

  10. See him if he comes to your town, especially if he does an afternoon clinic. He’s a good example of how to approach music and life.

  11. I am not so sure (at Sam) those kids are standing pretty still and quiet. I think Victor is keeping them very amused and well behaved! :)

  12. Is it me or is 4:05 Victor’s first ever dud note? The joy in his face as he plays it.

  13. I’ve seen Vic many times w/the Flecktones and Solo, he is always awesome. The way he samples a part then plays over it and keeps layering is flawless!

  14. God I love those piccolo strings!

  15. Thanks Jim Luther. FYI, there were about 50 people huddled on the porch to vix left. It was 9 AM in the morning on a SUNDAY, and Vic came out just for my students and their families. Thee ones that look uninterested are being rained on and it was very early.

  16. Who’s the daddy? :-) This just put a smile on my face & in my heart and completely lifted my spirit’s vibration. It’s all kinds of beautiful!

  17. Kool bro just Kool

  18. Victor is the MAN!

  19. I’ve had the occasion to see Victor and the flecktones several times. About 15 years ago thay played outside at the Frederick County (MD) fairgrounds. The audience was rather clueless, I think they wanted a country act. Anyway, during the breaks, the guys just sat on the edge of the stage, and anyone could just hang out with them, which I did big time. They were all so open and grascious, and just interested in hearing what we wanted to talk about. I saw them in Frederick last March, Victor and Future Man were just walking around, checking out the town, and getting something to eat, they were happy to just chat about stuff. No pretense, or star crap. Just really nice guys. Hell. I’ve seen more arrogance in local players who are bush league hacks.

  20. “The lick” at 6:35.

  21. – My reply.

    *update 23/11/12 – So I stumbled onto Victor Wooten’s “Isn’t She lovely” cover!
    and realised at the beginning we’re both using a similar chord progression for the most part and that made me rather happy.

  22. As Victor says, ‘”There are no wrong notes”.

  23. He’s an even better person : )