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Bill Wyman on Stones World Tour: “I don’t fly… no way I’ll go on any tour”

Bill Wyman

Well, it was nice while it lasted.

Hot on the heels of the news that Bill Wyman was rehearsing with the Rolling Stones as part of the band’s 50th anniversary comes the news that Wyman won’t be touring with the group as hoped.

Following the rehearsals, guitarist Keith Richards said, “We’re playing around with the idea [of a tour] and had a couple of rehearsals… we’ve got together and it feels so good.”

Now EADT Suffolk Magazine is reporting the bassist is staying put.

“I don’t fly, so there’s no way I’ll go on any tour,” Wyman shared, adding “I did meet up with them earlier this year for a couple of rehearsal sessions but that was all.”

Even Richards has reportedly changed his tune – along with Mick Jagger – who say they aren’t thinking about touring until 2013.

“Basically, we’re just not ready,” Richards told EADT. “I have a feeling that [a tour in 2013 is] more realistic.”

Reports have circulated that Richards’ health is one of the key factors in the delay.

But then again, Richards is still holding out hope – or at least generating hope for fans on whether or not Wyman may change his mind for a 2013 tour.

“I think he’s up for it. We talked about it,” Richards reportedly said.

“Stay tuned,” as they say.