Adam Stevens: Solo Bass Arrangement of Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Under The Bridge”

Bassist Adam Stevens sent us this great solo bass version of the popular Red Hot Chili Peppers tune “Under the Bridge.”

Utilizing some fingerpicking style and strumming, the Toronto-based low-ender captures the song’s mood to a tee.

It probably also helps that he’s literally under a bridge.

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  1. Great Job Adam, I love it!

    • Dude, I’ve been playing my 5-string bass for 18 years now. Just when iIthought I knew it all, you throw this shit at me…lol. Great job brother!!! I’m mainly a slap and tap player, so I ALWAYS use my fingers to strum, slap, pluck, tap…ect. Never have I thought to play the way you did in this. Just like guitar players play when they play with their fingers. Damn man, I finally got down the Victor Wooten thumb slap/pluck technique, but this style of playing is so alien to me!? Incredible job Adam! I first watched this a couple months ago, but I keep coming back to it… You’ve given me a new technique to learn… not sure if that’s good or bad. haha. My thumb just doesn’t like plucking like that… You’ve got talent man! There’s too many bland bass players, you truly are a breathe of fresh air.

  2. Digging the tone, dude.

  3. the sound is cool than ever and the performance as well.I like it……..

  4. Very cool. Is that the natural acoustic sound of the bridge or an effect?

    • i wish! unfortunately due to the noise from cars driving above the bridge I had to plug directly in, so you’re hearing a digital reverb.

  5. I skipped over this several times because I thought it was another slap and pop piece. But I said “What the heck?” Damn glad I checked it out. Adam’s tones sound fantastic. Makes me want to crawl under a bridge with my gear.

  6. Just like the others said – that’s awesome!

  7. Stuff like this makes me feel like a bad bass player, yet makes me want to play even more. Great job at arranging this piece, and fantastic tone as well!

  8. Do you have the music written down? I’d really love a copy

  9. Great imagination with the parts! What tuning are you in? Standard?

  10. dude… I’m speechless Adam! I’ve been sitting here for going on…6 hours, trying to figure out the vocal harmony part. I’ve got the basic chords down…yet it doesn’t sound nearly as well as when you play. Is there any bass tab for this anywhere man?

    • I will not stop until i figure this out! So beautiful!

    • Shiiiit I blocked on vocal too ;p but there is a progress :D

    • Yeah there def is a progress; it’s just so hard to see what he’s doing!? I’m 31 and grew up on Primus so I’d hate to sound arrogant, but I can play the bass pretty damn well. This damn video seriously humbles me because it’s so flawlessly well done well; I’m speechless! I like to…”specialize” in slapping and “finger funking”….lol. I’m good at finger tapping as well, but using the thumb to strum strings the E or B string in my case, while the fingers are strumming as well, I’ve never even thought to practice that! I always considered that more of a guitarists finger strumming technique. Ughhhh… I finally mastered the Victor Wooten thumb slap and pluck rythm technique, now I gotta learn this! Life’s a bitch man…haha. Sometimes guitarists don’t realize how easy they got it. It’s easy to become a bass player, but incredibly hard to become an extraordinary bass player!

  11. Did anybody transcribe that?

  12. Nice playing, Adam!

  13. oh god! need the transcripts naaaaaoooooooowwwwww! very nice!

  14. Very nicely done Adam. Your tone is awesome and well balanced. Super job man. Peace!

  15. Outstanding! Thank you Adam!

  16. Fantastic work, Adam!

  17. Shay

    Love it!