Intellitouch Releases Freedom One Digital Wireless System

Intellitouch Freedom One WT1 Digital Wireless SystemIntellitouch has introduced the Freedom One, a digital wireless system for bass and guitar that provides a 24-bit digital wireless link between your axe and your rig. The system is comprised of two components: a wireless transmitter that plugs into your instrument and a pedal tuner that also acts as the receiver. The pedal can be plugged into an amplifier as well as other pedals.

The Freedom One’s built-in tuner displays on a large backlit LED screen that changes from red to green once a string is in tune. Its footswitch, which is backlit for better visibility in the dark, activates the tuner and mutes the output for silent on-stage tuning. The pedal also has a backup input jack for an audio cable so it can be used without the wireless transmitter. The transmitter runs for about 10 hours on a single AAA battery.

The Intellitouch Freedom One model #WT1 is available with a list price of $149.99.

Intellitouch Freedom One WT1 Digital Wireless System Specs:

  • 24-bit Digital Wireless System
  • Built-in Tuner
  • Backlit LED Display
  • 30-foot Effective Range
  • Pedal Tuner Can Be Used Without Transmitter
  • Transmitter Runs on AAA Battery

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  1. OK, now where can I get it?

  2. Why did they have to release this after I bought my Line 6 Relay G30 & TC Electronic RH450 (partly for the built in tuner) & how has no-one thought of this before! Excellent idea & love the ‘bug’ type transmitter… just wish it was a bit prettier! ;)

  3. YES. where can I get it in France?

  4. Looks fantastic,it would be great to hear someone who use it on gigs :)

  5. 30 foot range? That’s it? Kinda pointless really…..

  6. where can I buy his?