TC Electronic Announces the UniTune Clip Noir Headstock Tuner

TC Electronic UniTune Clip Noir Headstock Tuner

TC Electronic has introduced the UniTune Clip Noir, a blacked-out version of their headstock tuner. The unit is designed for use with guitar, bass, or ukulele and features a bright LED display with both strobe and chromatic tuning modes.

“UniTune Clip Noir is made from a special resin designed specifically to provide the kind quality and feel you would expect from a TC Electronic product,” the company states. “The tough stainless steel clip provides safe grip with a tight industrial-grade spring and extra-grippy rubber pads to safely perch your tuner on your guitar’s headstock.”

The tuner’s range goes from A0 (27.5 Hz) to C8 (4186 Hz) and has accuracies of ±0.5 cent in Chromatic mode and ±0.02 cent in Strobe mode. It is powered by a CR2032 battery.

The TC Electronic UniTune Clip Noir is coming soon with a street price of $29.99.

TC Electronic UniTune Clip Noir Headstock Tuner Features:

Type:Chromatic strobe tuner, clip-on
Tuning range:A0 (27.5 Hz) to C8 (4186 Hz)
Tuning accuracy:Chromatic tuning mode: ±0.5 cent Strobe tuning mode: ±0.02 cent
Reference pitch:A4 = 435 to 445 Hz, adjustable in 1 Hz steps
Battery:CR2032 Li-Mn battery (included)
Dimensions:28 x 25 x 60 mm (1.1 x .98 x 2.36″)
Weight:32 g (1.13 oz), including battery

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