Bass of the Week: Bassline Worp

Bassline Worp Acoustic Bass

In experimenting with neck designs, German luthier Rüdiger Ziesemann was looking for a way to improve sustain in his Bassline brand designs. He came up with a radical neck profile with extended mass and a groove on the back for your thumb. The concept was first introduced into his electric upright model called the Universal, but bass guitarist wanted in on the action, so in 1998 the Worp was born.

The Worp is available in three styles: standard, acoustic, and “Art”. Common to all three styles is the unique neck profile, an 88.5 cm (approx. 34.8 inches) scale, a headless ETS tuning system and Noll active electronics. All the models are also available as fretted or fretless.

The standard is built with a maple neck and flamed maple body wing. As each is made to order, the pickups vary on each build.

The “Art” model takes the standard and adds high end woods, inlays, and finishes.

In 2003, the acoustic model was introduced to provide an earthier tone. It’s made by routing a sound chamber in the Worp design, which is then covered with a spruce top. Again, the types of woods used are optional, but the acoustic utilizes two full pickup systems with separate tone controls. A Häussel Jazzbucker provides a magnetic signal while a Shadow Nanoflex piezo system is installed in the bridge. Both sets are matched with Noll two-band EQs and can be blended by way of a Balance knob.

Bassline Worp Bass Photo Gallery:

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Bassline Worp Bass Details:

  • Patented extended neck profile
  • Construction: Neck through
  • Scale: 88.5 cm (approx. 34.8?)
  • Neck: Maple
  • Body: Flamed Maple (Choice of woods on Art and Acoustic models)
  • Fingerboard: Choice of woods
  • Pickups: Choice of pickups
  • Electronics: Noll Active
  • Tuners: ETS Tuner system

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  1. Something different and desing wise very innovative… I wouldn’t mind adding one of those to my arsenal.

  2. Drool Drool drool! Sorry that thing looks awesome. I noticed the lack of a price… I hope it’s not one of those “If you have to ask you can’t afford it” basses… they make me sad. :)

  3. LOVE my Worp Acoustic fretless!

  4. Cool! The first english words for our new page! Thanks for sharing… and translating! ;-) For pricings check this: Greetings Phil // Bassline.

  5. é muito show! pena que ainda não tenha chegado aqui no brasil, seria uma benção de DEUS, louvar ao SENHOR JESUS com um desse!

  6. I would love this for a fretless!

  7. The bass Guitar is becoming such a amazing work of art.