Lava Cable Introduces Grab N’ Go Configurable Pedal Board System

Lava Cable has introduced a new version of their Configurable Pedal Board System called the Lava Grab N’ Go. Built from specially formulated ABS, the board is made up of several pieces that lock together and are secured to form-fitting ABS base plates with machine screws and locking nuts for stability.

Lava Cable Grab N' Go Configurable Pedal Board System - with pedals

The board is available in seven pre-assembled versions ranging in size and shape, holding anywhere between six and ten pedals. They’re available now with prices ranging from $39.95 to $59.95. For more info, check out the Lava Cable website.

Lava Cable Lava Grab N’ Go Details:

Lava Cable Grab N' Go Configurable Pedal Board System - without pedals

  • Configurable Pedal Board System
  • Built From Rugged ABS
  • Lock Together with Machine Screws and Locking Nuts
  • Seven Versions Available: CPS4V2H, 4 Vertical, 2 Horizontal “T”, the CPS6VS, the CPS6VR, 6 Vertical “Rectangle”, the 6 Vertical “Square”, the CPS5VL, 5 Vertical “L”, the CPS6VT, 6 Vertical “T”, the CPS4V, 4 Vertical, and the CPS8VS, 8 Vertical “Square”

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