Motorhead: Live To Win – The Definitive Biography

Motorhead: Live To WinMotorhead’s thirty-five or so year run has been chronicled by the band’s official biographer, Alan Burridge (aka “Professor Motorhead”), in a new book entitled Motorhead: Live To Win.

Live To Win begins with Motorhead’s humble beginnings, with all the struggles and hardships – personal, professional and financial. Founder and bassist/vocalist Lemmy Kilmister stood alone in his conviction that this band had something to it, and it was his determination that held true throughout, bringing Motorhead to worldwide fame. Lemmy simply decided to play the music he wanted to play.

The book includes many never-before-told stories, 200+ full color, glossy pages with rare and early photos and previously unreleased material. Lemmy endorses the book and wrote the book’s introduction.

Motorhead: Live To Win Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction by Lemmy Kilmister
  2. Forward
  3. The 1970s
  4. The 1980s
  5. The 1990s
  6. The 2000s
  7. Conclusion

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