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Le Fay Introduces 32˝ Fretless Singer 4 Bass

Le Fay 32˝ Fretless Singer 4 Bass closeup

Le Fay has introduced a new fretless version of their Singer model with a 32-inch scale and 19mm string spacing. Among the new features is the inclusion of the company’s new single-coil pickups, which have angular thumb rests and a three-point screw arrangement to prevent wobbling. Two pickups are under the bridge pickup cover while the neck cover houses one.

Weighing in at approximately nine pounds, the bass is built with a mahogany body and maple top matched with a maple neck and a two-octave range ebony fingerboard that sports stylish red lines for position markers. The hardware includes Gotoh tuners and a Le Fay bridge. Electronics on the bass can be switched between active or passive via the volume knob. The controls are configured with a 6-position pickup selector, active bass and treble boosts, and a tone control that works in both active and passive modes.

The Le Fay Singer 4 32˝ Fretless bass is expected to have a price of €3,600 (approx. $4,517 USD). For more info, check out the Le Fay website.

Le Fay Singer 4 32˝ Fretless Bass Photo Gallery:

Le Fay Singer 4 32˝ Fretless Bass Specs:

  • Body: Mahogany
  • Top: Maple
  • Fretboard: Ebony (two-octave range)
  • Fretmarkers: Red Sidelines
  • Finish: Satin Le Fay Gold
  • Tuner: Gotoh
  • Bridge: Le Fay 19mm spacing
  • Pickups: Three Le Fay Single Coils in two Covers
  • Nut: Carbon, adjustable
  • Weight: 9 pounds (4,1 kg)
  • Controls: Volume (active/passive switch), 6-Position Pickup Selector, active Bass and Treble (boost only), passive Tone Control (works in active and passive mode)

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