Wolfgang Van Halen to Tour with Mark Tremonti

Wolfgang Van Halen

While Van Halen’s tour is on hold, due to Eddie Van Halen’s emergency surgery, Wolfgang Van Halen is going to be staying busy. The bassist is joining Creed and Alter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti on tour.

Tremonti is touring in support of his solo effort, All I Was, and had planned to tour with bassist Brian Marshall. Marshall plays with Tremonti in both Creed and Alter Bridge, but was unable to fit the guitarist’s tour in his schedule.

Following Tremonti’s announcement, Wolfgang posted on Twitter, “…An abrupt change of plans has left me playing bass with @MarkTremonti tomorrow! I’ve got some tunes to learn!”

Tremonti’s tour runs through October 7th in the U.S., followed by dates in Europe, including the U.K., Holland, Germany and Italy.

Wolfgang joined Van Halen in 2007, following the departure of long time bassist Michael Anthony. Wolfgang’s father, guitarist Eddie Van Halen is hoping to be medically cleared next year to make his return, after he recovers from his recent surgery due to a reported life-threatening bout with diverticulitis.

Hat tip to Ultimate Classic Rock.

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  1. Valuable style points lost by your use of “Departure.” That being said, bravo to Wolfgang, Nice to see him spread his wings and I wish him the best of luck with Mr. Tremonti.

  2. I think it is good for him to prove that he is not a one-trick pony.