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Van Halen Postpones 31 Tour Dates on North American Tour

Van HalenRock group Van Halen has postponed all their tour dates following their June 26th concert in New Orleans, making a total of 31 performances to be rescheduled.

Now anchored by bassist Wolfgang Van Halen, the band hasn’t released an official statement, though the insider website Van Halen News Desk has dismissed rumors of band feuding by stating the group is getting along “splendidly”. Instead, the break is to prevent the classic rock quartet from getting burnt out.

“The band has been working tirelessly for the last 18 months, writing and recording ‘A Different Kind Of Truth’, filming the ‘Tattoo’ video, rehearsing, putting together the show themselves (lighting, the videos, the stage, routing the tour, and lots of behind the scenes stuff that most people don’t even know about),” the statement read. “The band wants the second leg to be as awesome as the first. And for that to happen they want to put more time into the planning of it. Not just continue on with the same show.”

There’s been no word yet of when the dates will be rescheduled. We’ll keep you updated when they do.