Steve Lawson and Mike Outram Release “Invenzioni”

Steve Lawson and Mike Outram: InvenzioniSteve Lawson has released Invenzioni, the first of three albums with guitarist Mike Outram. Recorded in 2010, the album was the first time the duo had ever played together, though the music would suggest otherwise.

“We’d never played together, we just set up our stuff and started playing,” said Outram. “What you hear is two people playing music together for the very first time.”

The ambient tracks feature Lawson’s bass and looping skills and Outram’s guitar working in perfect harmony, even though the whole album is improvised. With so many serendipitous melodies and complimentary ideas, it’s hard to tell were one musician begins and the other ends, but to Lawson, that’s half the fun.

“I love that ambiguity” he says. “A lot of people don’t seem to be able to compute that the ‘lead’ guitar solo in the middle of ‘A Beautiful Mind’ is, in fact, bass, or that “Light Over Water” is nothing but looped and processed guitar. That makes it all the more interesting, I guess – the ‘how did they do that?’ element.”

Listen to Invenzioni:

Invenzioni Track List:

  1. A Beautiful Mind
  2. 70 Degrees in The Dark
  3. First One Home
  4. Light Over Water
  5. Dance Moves

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