Tony Levin Releases “Crimson Chronicles: The 80’s” Photo Book for iPad

Tony Levin's Crimson Chronicles: The 80's

Tony Levin has released an iPad app version of his book Crimson Chronicles: The 80’s, which documents his time with the legendary prog rock band King Crimson through pictures. Levin, who is also an avid photographer, includes hundreds of photos from his collection to show what life in the band and on the road was like. Beyond the photos from the physical book, the new app features original previously unreleased music by Levin, behind the scenes videos, tons of commentary, and more.

“This is not just pages of photos,” the bassist said. “I wanted to take advantage of the latest technologies in books for tablets to bring this King Crimson experience to a whole new level… adding interactivity, voice commentary and anecdotes, animation, videos and new original music to the photos. We’ve got some surprising features I’m sure will be enjoyed.”

The book starts around the time that the band’s Discipline album was being written and covers all the years of the group’s lineup featuring Levin, drummer Bill Bruford, guitarist Robert Fripp, and guitarist/vocalist Adrian Belew. It’s available from the App Store now for $9.99.

Crimson Chronicles Features:

  • Six tracks of original previously unreleased music by Tony Levin written for this book.
  • Two “Behind the Scenes” videos: The Elephant Talk Stick Part and Nikomat and Photo setup.
  • New hilarious Video Clip: The King Crimson Barber Shop.
  • Hundreds of high quality images from Tony Levin’s collection.
  • Amazing Visual Effects that bring depth to Tony Levin’s Photography.
  • Sound Effects by Tony Levin.
  • Photo Stacks of snapshots that you can manipulate as real photos, zoom, rotate and even “dig into” to read comments and listen to anecdotes specially recorded for this book by Tony.
  • Use “Tony’s Black and White Camera” to take your picture with your iPad and add it to a stack of King Crimson photos so it will be part of the book.
  • Photo Galleries with Music.
  • Contacts and negative strips with “peel off” commentary.
  • Wallpapers for your iPad: Robert Fripp, Adrian Belew, Bill Bruford and Tony Levin.
  • Interactive Video Help to discover all the book’s hidden secrets.
  • All access backstage pass shaped thumbnails to navigate the book.
  • Chapters Menu and interactive Table of Contents.
  • Share Photos with friends via email, Facebook and Twitter.

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