Snark Introduces SN10 Pedal Tuner

Snark SN10 Pedal TunerSnark has introduced the SN10, the company’s first pedal tuner. The new stompbox features a large LCD display to show which pitch you’re tuning and red, yellow, and green bars to determine whether you’re flat, sharp, or in tune. It also offers pitch calibration from 415Hz to 466Hz.

The pedal is powered by either a 9-volt battery or a 9-volt adapter. Its 9-volt out allows for powering another device.

The Snark SN10 is available now with a street price of around $39.

Snark SN10 Features:

  • Huge EZ Read Display
  • Blazingly Fast
  • True Bypass
  • Pitch Calibration
  • Die Cast Metal Case
  • Fully Chromatic

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  1. It says 59 $ on their website but anyway amazon is a good online shop. Seems similar to the Korg Pitchblack and Premier Guitar’s test seems conclusive, is it as fast as the Korg’s? it’s the “speed tracking” reference IMO :