Snark Introduces the ST-8 Titanium Clip-on Tuner

Snark ST-8 Titanium Clip-on TunerSurrounding noises often make tuning more difficult, especially when using a clip-on tuner. Snark addresses the problem with the new ST-8 Titanium, which uses titanium and a rubber “sound shield” to block out unwanted ambient sounds. The rubber ensures the sound is delivered “devoid of unwanted external frequencies,” while Snark notes that titanium is known for its vibration-blocking characteristics.

Snark says the unit “effortlessly handles the lower regions of baritone or multi-string bass guitars.” Other features include an onboard rechargeable lithium battery, fully chromatic pitch calibration between 415Hz to 466Hz, and a flat tuning function.

The Snark ST-8 Titanium tuner is available for $26.99.

Snark ST-8 Titanium Clip-on Tuner Features:

Titanium and Rubber Sound Shield
High-Def Display with 360° Rotation
415Hz-466Hz pitch calibration
Flat Tuning Function
Rechargeable Battery

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