Digitech Unveils JamMan Solo XT Looping Pedal

Digitech JamMan Solo XT Looping PedalDigitech has announced the latest in their JamMan series of looping pedals with the JamMan Solo XT.

Building on the JamMan Solo, the XT is a true stereo looping pedal with several new features including JamSync, which allows for multiple units to be linked together and record different length phrases while staying in sync. You can sync as many Solo XTs together as you want to create intricate looping without losing a beat. Another interesting aspect Digitech notes is that bands can now all use loopers together in sync to build songs.

Other new features on the pedal include Dial-in BPMs, a Micro SD interface, and selectable stop modes. It also has a USB port to connect to Digitech’s free JamManager XT software that allows for organizing and saving loops to a PC or Mac.

The Digitech JamMan Solo XT will be available in October with an MSRP of $309.95. For more info, check out the Digitech website.

Digitech JamMan Solo XT Features:

  • Stereo Looping
  • Linkable to Sync With Other JamMan Solo XT
  • Metronome with Multiple Rhythm Sounds
  • Multiple Time Signatures
  • USB Port
  • Micro SD Interface
  • Dial-In BPM
  • Auto-Record
  • Auto-Quantize
  • Three Stop Modes
  • JamManager XT Software

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