Tom Tom Club Releases “Downtown Rockers”

Tom Tom Club: Downtown RockersTom Tom Club has returned with their first new material in 12 years, entitled Downtown Rockers. Founded by the husband-wife team of bassist Tina Weymouth and drummer Chris Frantz, the Talking Heads shoot-off group’s latest offering stays true to their quirky, danceable style while paying homage to the music scene of downtown New York in the ’70s.

“The reason why we wrote [Downtown Rockers] is because we were going to these CBGBs events that they have once a month at Bowery Electric,” Frantz told Music Radar. “One night, James Wolcott was reading from his memoir, Lucking Out – he’s a great friend, and he was one of the first champions of Talking Heads. While he was reading, not just myself but another member of the band, [keyboardist] Bruce Martin, thought, You know, this is a good topic for a song. Everybody’s writing books about the downtown music scene, but nobody’s written a song about it. So we did. For us, that period in the ’70s was a very exciting time.”

Weymouth’s solid bass lines, which have been the foundation for countless hip hop songs via sampling of Tom Tom Club’s “Genius of Love,” fill the album out and give it an overall hypnotic groove. Downtown Rockers features six tracks with instrumental versions of each, as well as an E-Dub mix of the title track.

Downtown Rockers is available in digital formats (iTunes and Amazon MP3), and on vinyl.

Preview and download Downtown Rockers:

Downtown Rockers Track List:

  1. Downtown Rockers
  2. Won’t Give You Up
  3. You Make Me Rock and Roll
  4. Kissin’ Antonio
  5. Sweets to the Sweet
  6. Love Tape
  7. Downtown Rockers E-Dub Mix
  8. Won’t Give You Up (Instrumental)
  9. You Make Me Rock and Roll (Instrumental)
  10. Kissin’ Antonio (Instrumental)
  11. Sweets to the Sweet (Instrumental)
  12. Downtown Rockers (Instrumental)

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