Charles Berthoud: “Under The Bridge” On Fretless Bass

I love when Charles Berthoud reimagines songs on the fretless bass. In this new video, he takes on the Red Hot Chili Peppers tune, “Under The Bridge.”

What a great arrangement!

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  1. Paul Spencer Denman

    You got all the skills and I am an admirer of yours. Maximum Respect….but you not playing Bass mate…..
    Your intro piece is for a guitar and then you play every other Piece oft he song with a bit of root thrown in.

    Please go back to Bass.

    If 4 was good for Jaco should b good enough for you.

    If you forgot its the one with 4 strings ;)

    • Michael Snell

      He is not playing in an ensemble, this is a solo piece. I think it would be boring if he played a 4 string and the bass line on the record. If you have his talent and imagination he should be free to play as he wants, There was a time guitar players were expected to just play chords.