Johan Hansén-Larson: Kopano

If you haven’t noticed yet, Johan Hansén-Larson is a guy you need to keep an eye on. In his newest video, Johan shares a new original called “Kopano,” inspired by a recent trip to Botswana and South Africa.

The composition includes three parts for guitar (which he also covers), but the focus is really in the bass as it takes the melody at the 30 second mark and a monster solo around the two minute mark. Equally catchy and impressive, this song has it all.

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  1. Brilliant. Love the composition and the solo!

  2. The best of luck to this great musician! He needs to be heard by more people.

  3. very nice. very very nice.

  4. Super inspiring on all levels. I love it, I really do. Wow! Thank you Johan!

  5. jaco meets ladysmith black mambazo, especially with that solo. I’m feelin’ that one. very nice!

  6. there’s an fx on the bass subtle. what is it >?

  7. love it – just great musicianship all around

  8. Fantastic..luv it…

  9. But… why isn’t he singing?

  10. sounds nice …kinda like as falls wichita so falls wichita falls I used to see jaco- markegan -patmetheny all the time.. in the 70’s…

  11. but… this is no treble. they cant have this !!!

  12. Lots of treble but still beautiful !!!

  13. Here’s a new one. A tribute to one of my favourite musicians.