Funk! Paul Jackson with Herbie Hancock (1979)

Rick Suchow shares this super funky live performance of Herbie Hancock and his Headhunters band performing live in 1979 at Chelsea College in London. And as usual, bassist Paul Jackson brings the funk.

Someone better light a match!

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  1. …a FUNK a day keeps the doctor away…

  2. Bass playing aside, the best thing about this video is the glasses Herbie is wearing.

  3. I love how he keeps the groove going despite trying to tune at the same time!

  4. …just…THANK YOU so much, for your updates.

  5. The man is completely out of tune… and we don’t care… love it.. Paul Jackson is the man…

  6. Cant anybody hear how sickening out of tune Paul Jacksons bass is?

  7. Really Kool, but could use a little more cowbell!

  8. Percussion too loud, and Bass too soft… as usual !!!!!